My story
Growing up, I was that kid that everyone referred to as ‘the one with the doodles in his
notebook’, continuously drawing as inspired by the cartoons, anime, and magical movies I
enjoyed watching. That is, until I discovered how the internet was full of people like me, artistic
creators, and that is how my life changed and YORI was born.

YORI began as a username, depicting this shy young individual who always yearned for the next
chance to express themselves through original, current, and inspiring creations as learnt via the
power of observation and endeavoring to disrupt the industry.

But now, it has become my identity, my personality, my lifestyle, and a brand; one that is
synonymous with eye-catching illustrations and 3-D designs.

Beyond the context of individuality, YORI is a movement for the radical creative out to change
the world through their diverse works of art! 

Who is a YORI?
When it comes to art, each and every piece is as unique as a fingerprint yet when put together, it
could result in a symphony of patterns, shapes, and colors with the aim of passing messages
across. YORI is founded on a similar basis where individuality is the special currency we deal in
but together, we are a force to be reckoned with.

A Young Original Ravenous Individual is unafraid of drawing inspiration from everyday life
while expanding the depths of their imagination to come up with signature products; whose
young blood is rich with concepts and ideas ready to be implemented into great projects. Their
originality pretty much speaks for itself, gifted with an ability to put a spin to their observations
for one-of-a-kind results. This is a person who is always hungry to learn more, be more, and do
more so as to enhance their skills. And above all, they are confident in being their own person
distinct from the next.

The question then stands: Are you a YORI?